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Key Issues

Tackling the Rising Cost of Living + Helping Families Thrive

Jenny knows that Colorado families are struggling to keep up with the impacts of an economy that prioritizes wealth over workers. From the cost of food to housing to health care and child care, we're all feeling the squeeze.  Jenny is ready to get to work for us addressing the rising cost of living and inflation across Colorado.

 From supporting the development of new affordable housing and affordable senior housing projects to increasing the minimum wage for city employees, to establishing one of the most generous municipal paid family leave programs in the state to ensuring that access to the city's recreation center, theater and senior center are affordable to providing child care during Ward 4 meetings, Jenny has been a champion for working families and will take that same work ethic to the state legislature. 

Jenny is proudly endorsed by the Colorado AFL-CIO, SEIU Local 105 and Colorado WINS.

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Supporting Older Adults

At the age of 91, Jenny’s grandma moved in with her family. The experience of talking to home health care providers, coordinating care and oxygen needs, crunching numbers to figure out what assisted living facilities she could afford, and trying to find somewhere that she could age safely and with dignity was complicated and difficult. 


Jenny has seen firsthand every gap in our continue of care that’s supposed to keep our loved ones safe. She’ll push for policies that keep our seniors healthy and independent. This includes supporting critical services like job training, senior centers, affordable housing, health promotion, benefits enrollment, caregiver support, transportation, and more.

Standing Up To the Gun Lobby

Whether it's big corporations or the oil and gas industry,  Jenny has a history of standing up to bullies and she will stand up to the gun lobby. Jenny believes that gun violence is preventable and that assault style weapons (like AR-15's) have no place in our communities. 

Jenny will hold the gun lobby and gun makers accountable, be a champion for public safety measures that will protect people from gun violence and encourage a culture of responsible gun ownership in order to make our families, schools, and communities safer.

Jenny is endorsed by Colorado Ceasefire and is a 2022 Mom's Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate.


Putting Our Environment First

Jenny knows that improving our air quality and ensuring a livable climate for future generations means addressing the climate crisis and holding polluters accountable right now.  


Jenny's background is rooted in environmental policy. You can count on her to support a just transition to powering Colorado with 100% clean renewable energy. She'll work to improve our transportation system- including the expansion of electric vehicle infrastructure, the decarbonization of homes and buildings and the creation of good paying, family sustaining green jobs- because it’s not only good for the environment, it’s good for our economy too.

Jenny is proudly endorsed by the Colorado Sierra Club and Conservation Colorado.

Helping Students & Teachers Thrive

Jenny’s son started kindergarten in 2020 and she saw first hand how the pandemic impacted students and teachers. As a volunteer in her son’s classroom, she has seen how hard our teachers work and what little resources they have to do their jobs. 


Colorado ranks as one of the last states in the nation in per pupil spending- yet we have one of the best economies in the nation. 


As we move on from the COVID-19 pandemic, Jenny will push for safe, healthy classrooms for kids, increased and stable funding for schools and salary increases for our teachers and support staff so that every student in Colorado can thrive.

Jenny is proudly endorsed by the Colorado Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers.

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Unapologetically Pro-Choice

Jenny believes that one of the most important life decisions a person will ever make is whether to become a parent- and lawmakers have no place interfering in someone else’s decisions about pregnancy or abortion. 


Jenny previously worked with NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado to stand up for women and pregnant Coloradans’ right to make their own decisions about their bodies, and she's also trained hundreds of pro-choice Democratic candidates to run for office — including contributing to the first woman majority in the Colorado State House.  Jenny is ready to get to work to protect women and pregnant people’s right to make their own decisions about their bodies.

Jenny is proudly endorsed by EMILY's List, Planned Parenthood Votes, Cobalt (formerly NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado) and BlueFlower Fund.

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