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Legislative Fellow

State Affairs

Rep. Willford's Legislation

Here's a list of bills introduced by Rep. Willford during the 2023 Legislative Session. Things move very quickly at the Capitol so please note that this list may not be fully up to date.

Click here for the most up to date information on bills introduced as well as the status of a bill.

HB 23-1161 / Environmental Standards For Appliances / with Rep. Cathy Kipp and Sen. Lisa Cutter

HB 23-1158 / Colorado Commodity Supplemental Food Grant Program / with Rep. Rick Taggart and Sen. Kyle Mullica

HB 23-1078 / Unemployment Compensation Dependent Allowance / with Sen. Chris Hansen

HB 23-1077 / Informed Consent To Intimate Patient Examinations / with Sens. Faith Winter and Sen. Sonya Jaquez Lewis

HB 23-1031 / Mental Health Professionals Reporting Exemption / with Rep. Tammy Story

HB 23-1005 / New Energy Improvement Program Changes / with Rep. Briana Titone and Sens. Sonya Jaquez Lewis and Janice Marchman

SB 23-058 / Job Application Fairness Act / with Rep. Mary Young and Sen. Jessie Danielson

SB 23-017 / Additional Uses Paid Sick Leave / with Sen. Faith Winter


Forthcoming legislation on air quality, affordable housing and more! 

Click here to review all bills introduced during the 2023 Legislative Session.

Interested in sharing your perspective on a bill? Click here to learn how to testify on a bill or contact Rep. Willford and share your thoughts!

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