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Legislative Policy Fellow

Rep. Willford's Legislation

Here's a list of bills introduced by Rep. Willford during the 2023 Legislative Session.

Click here for the most up to date information on bills introduced as well as the status of a bill.

HB 23-1005 / New Energy Improvement Program Changes / with Rep. Briana Titone and Sens. Sonya Jaquez Lewis and Janice Marchman

HB 23-1031 / Mental Health Professionals Reporting Exemption / with Rep. Tammy Story and Senator Faith Winter

HB 23-1077 / Informed Consent To Intimate Patient Examinations / with Rep. Lorena Garcia and Sens. Faith Winter and Sonya Jaquez Lewis

HB 23-1078 / Unemployment Compensation Dependent Allowance / with Sen. Chris Hansen


HB 23-1158 / Colorado Commodity Supplemental Food Grant Program / with Rep. Rick Taggart and Sent. Kyle Mullica and Janice Marchman

HB 23-1161 / Environmental Standards For Appliances / with Rep. Cathy Kipp and Sen. Lisa Cutter

HB 23-1202 / Overdose Prevention Center Authorization / with Rep. Elisabeth Epps and Sens. Kevin Priola and Julie Gonzales

HB 23-1228 / Nursing Facility Reimbursement Rate Setting / with Speaker McCluskie and Sens. Rachel Zenzinger and Jim Smallwood

HB 23-1245 / Campaign Practices for Municipal Elections / with Rep. Jennifer Parenti and Sen. Kevin Priola

HB 23-1294 / Pollution Protection Measures / with Assistant Majority Leader Jennifer Bacon and Sens. Julie Gonzales and Faith Winter

SB 23-017 / Additional Uses Paid Sick Leave / with Rep. Junie Joseph and Sen. Faith Winter

SB 23-058 / Job Application Fairness Act / with Rep. Mary Young and Sen. Jessie Danielson

SB 23-155 / Sunset Continue Nursing Home Administrators / with Rep. Mary Young and Sen. Zenziger 

SB 23-186 / Oil and Gas Commission Study of Methane Seepage Raton Basin / with Rep. Ty Winter and Sens. Faith Winter and Rod Pelton


SB 23-261 / Direct Care Workforce Stabilization Board / with Majority Leader Monica Duran and Sens. Jessie Danielson and Tony Exum

Click here to review all bills introduced during the 2023 Legislative Session.

Interested in sharing your perspective on a bill? Click here to learn how to testify on a bill or contact Rep. Willford and share your thoughts!

Bill Updates

Current as of 4.16.23
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