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Meet Jenny

Growing up, Jenny's mom was a librarian and her dad, a Navy veteran worked his way through school as a night janitor at her elementary school. She saw how much they sacrificed for a better life for her and her brother. After graduating college, Jenny went to work defending our environment, health care choices for pregnant Coloradans, and working families. She's honored to continue that work on behalf of the residents of Northglenn and Thornton as a Colorado State Representative.

Meet Jenny

Meet Jenny

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Her Story ... 

Jenny is proud to be serving her first term representing House District 34 which includes Northglenn and Thornton.


She is a mom of two, an environmental advocate, proud former union member and past Mayor Pro Tem of Northglenn City Council who has spent her career standing up for working families and advocating for clean air and water.


On Northglenn City Council, Jenny worked to pass one of the state’s most generous municipal paid family leave programs; invested in critical city infrastructure; supported small businesses through the pandemic; delivered on affordable and senior housing options and led the charge to building the state's first all electric city hall! 


As our State Representative, Jenny has been effective in introducing and passing legislation that protects the rights of all Coloradans, supports working families, improves the continuum of care for older adults and improves our air quality. She serves as the Vice Chair of the House Energy and Environment Committee and as a member of the State, Civic, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. 


An entrepreneur, Jenny is the owner of a boutique consulting firm supporting her clients with strategic planning, public affairs and leadership development. Jenny holds a master’s degree in human rights and political science from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, as well as bachelor degrees in women’s studies and international studies from the University of Wyoming. Jenny and her husband, Matt recently celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary. They love to explore all that Colorado has to offer with their 2 kids and cattle dog, Ace. 

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