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Why Vote for Jenny?

At this point in the election, you’ve likely gotten a lot of mail, phone calls and/or flyers on your door asking you to vote for one candidate or the other. 


Let’s get straight to business. Here’s why you should vote for Jenny:

Meet Jenny

Meet Jenny

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  • Jenny is a lifelong Democrat and union member. She won’t back down when it comes to leading on our progressive values.

  • Jenny has more than a decade of policy experience working with state legislators and stakeholders to pass important legislation. She knows the state legislative process and players, which means that when it comes to getting things done, she’ll be effective and can hit the ground running as our advocate. 

  • Jenny has deep community support. With more than 70 endorsements from organizations, current, and former elected officials and community leaders, she is a trusted leader who is best positioned to win the November general election. 

  • Jenny has been responsive and transparent as a Northglenn City Council member and will be responsive and transparent as our State Representative.

As you’re filling out your ballot, if you have any questions about where Jenny stands on the issues, please reach out to her directly at (303) 710-1140 or


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